Mado LPG Tanker

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PSM236 - PSM

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Dimensions L x H x W 38 × 82 × 26 cm

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Mado LPG Tanker


Mado LPG Tankers represent the progression in ship vessel-making in terms of extremely high weight-bearing capacity from 1980 onwards. Like most high-performance tankers, the Mado needs a lower range of resistance mated to a power-packed performance. It impresses with the quality of its after-body design. Mado LPG Tanker shows finely engineered flow towards the rudders and propellers, ensuring there is negligible room for any flow separation.  Mado LPG Tankers made a name for themselves with their incredible capacity, high propeller loading and the ability to cover nautical miles rather quickly.

Mado Tankers come with impressive facilities like depressurised wave basin and a manoeuvring basin. Apart from excellent manoeuvrability at low and high speeds, the Mado also impressed with its steering capabilities. Mado Tanker model is the result of a portfolio upgrade where we are venturing into the world of ocean liners and bulk carriers apart from yachts, boats and ships. Our team of designers is guided by an expertly procured blueprint of a specific model. Combined with rare information and the insight of maritime/nautical experts, we ensure that a model tanker like the Mado LPG is detailed to perfection.

Put the Mado Tanker model on a countertop in the living room or for creating a unique point of visual engagement in the office lobby. It is equally apt to be part of a collector’s prized possessions.

Details of the model ship:

  • Coloured, hand-painted hull. Customization option for adding a personalized nameplate
  • Professionally executed Mado Tanker replica with attention to the smallest details. Fittings and fixture secured with optimal precision
  • Now shipping internationally, we process UK orders on priority
  • Use of premium hardwoods like maple and teak that are handcrafted into scaled models. Other materials like resins, metals and synthetics used are chosen carefully after evaluating their overall durability
  • We choose to make limited models every year. Each Mado Tanker model is most likely to be unique – handcrafted models have more exclusivity over machine-made ship models
  • From hull to pedestals, from display base to superstructure and colour scheme, portholes & windows – everypart of the model mirrors design philosophy of the actual vessel

We are expanding our repertoire for creating beautiful industrial-grade ship models. This includes bulk carriers like the Mado LPT Tanker. Take a minute to explore an extensive line of historic ocean liners and modern cruise ships revered for their heritage and engineering innovations. Expect each model to be finished flawlessly with museum-like workmanship, courtesy of our team of maritime experts!

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This Vessel Type is Tanker
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