Why Premier Ship Models?

We are a global ecommerce business founded 20 years ago serving both the corporate and private sectors with our growing range of different services. Our current offering includes ready-made model ships, model boat kits, display cases, model restoration, 3D printing, rendering and architectural models. With an international reach that spans over 80 countries and a website with four currencies, our presence in the market has continued to grow and we have 1000’s of satisfied customers across the world.

We have pursued our interest in building ready-made ship models and offer three levels of quality, with multiple workshops located over the globe that can meet a variety of requirements and budgets. The likes of our best quality can be seen in prestigious places including a variety of different museums and the offices of high profile shipping, yachting and cruise companies. Working with a portfolio of corporate customers from different industries has expanded our collection to include model tankers, container ships, technical vessels and modern yachts.

We provide a highly bespoke service and have a strong philosophy based on meeting customer’s needs. We promise that if you can supply plans or photos of your boat or boats, then we can build it. We have carried this philosophy over 20 years of model making and have completed 200 custom built projects. Our latest venture has been in to the World of 3D printing and we are looking forward to using this technology in our ever evolving business.

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Customer Reviews

Nicholas Grant - US
Greetings everyone, Can I just say how absolutely wonderful your staff is? They maintained contact with me throughout this process which was impressive enough as it were.  Everytime was just a treat though, polite, understanding, and more than willing to go the extra mile. I just wanted to say they pulled a miracle and the order made it just in time for christmas. I cant thank you guys enough and look forward to dealings with y'all in the future. -Nick
Mike - US
Good to your word, it's here! I'm nearly speechless in thanks! I didn't expect the package to arrive until mid week and now I have all weekend to dive in. Thanks for the extra tools, they will come in very handy - I didn't have these in my collection. Again, deepest thanks to everyone at Premier for making this happen. My kindest regards, Mike
Dr Michael Coblyn - United States
Dear All, Again thanks for your help. I will contact FedEx USA. Once the Orca has arrived, I will be taking it to our house on Martha’s Vineyard. We have a tradition with our grandchildren, who insist we watch Jaws every summer. I will certainly send pictures. You guys are great!! Michael
Raul Armada - United States
Hello Bill, I'm happy to report that the ship arrived today via Old Dominion Freight.  The driver helped me carry the crate into my office area. I very carefully opened the crate and cleared out all the loose Styrofoam peanuts.  Everything looks good and the ship arrived without a scratch. I very carefully cut away the plastic bag around the ship.  I must say that you did a superb job at restoring this model.  What a difference before and after.  I'm so very happy with the work you did.  My daughter is visiting us on October 7th and she will be so surprised to see the ship all fully restored.  She's the one who pushed me to get it fixed so that I can display it in a future library.  Needless to say, it will be the highpoint of any room it sits in. You have my heartfelt thanks and admiration for doing such a wonderful job on the restoration.  I'd be happy to give you a nice endorsement for any future work for other clients.  Just say the word. Thank you once again Bill. Sincerely yours, Raul Armada
Jeremy Fletcher-Morris - UK
Just to advise that may model has arrived, very well packed, and in excellent condition Many thanks
Roberto Stranieri - UK
She looks Grand & fits perfectly!   Thank you so much & enjoy
Denis O'Gorman - Ireland
The ship arrived today and it's absolutely perfect. I'm delighted with the quality.
Michael Bego - US - Conneticut
It is a masterpiece! Looks fantastic and very excited to see in person. Thank you all and to everyone on the team for the long process and working with us to deliver such a beauty! Thanks you! Michael Bego.
Rudi Koniczek - Vancouver - Canada
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TWO GREAT MODELS! They arrived safe and sound and will make a great addition to our TINTIN museum. Thanks again to you and your entire team at Premier Ship Models. Special thanks to whoever packaged them....fantastic. All the best from beautiful Vancouver Island. Rudi Koniczek
Barry Ross - UK
This is wonderful news, Thank you all for your help and speedy service, I bought an Albatross boat previously to commemorate my sons birth (he was going to be named Albert Ross) and I couldn't have been happier with the model. Despite being a small customer, you always do your utmost to help, which I really appreciate. I will continue to recommend you to anyone that asks. Best wishes, Barry.
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