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Handcrafted, scratch built and ready made Bisquine Granvillaise Model Boats

Until the 1940s, the French used lugger boats for fishing: these were known for their sturdiness and stability. The lugger boats had almost disappeared in the twentieth century but some enthusiasts revived them in Granville and Cancale. The Granvillaise was launched in 1990 and is a replica of the La Rose Marie (1897). It is a wooden hulled, three mast fishing lugger. They were used for large fishing lines which required more power.Hence the strong surface sails of the Granvillaise model boat. The thing which sets lugger boats apart and makes them popular with enthusiasts is their powerful structure which some people found worthy of preserving.

The Granville and Cancale held regattas where lugger boats Granvillaise and Cancalaise participated for the glory of their towns. The Granvillaise also takes part in various maritime festivals on French Atlantic Coast for regattas and the traditional craft of sailing. It also provides tours for up to 9 passengers who want to cruise along the English coast, the Channel Islands and Normandy. Apart from this, Granvillaise organizes day trips for as many as 26 people on board. The lugger boats of this kind can still be seen near the coast of Brittany.

Just like the Granvillaise restoration by the local enthusiasts, you can also revive your favorite model boat by ordering a miniature replica for yourself. Rediscover the almost forgotten past with these beautiful ship and boat models and you might find yourself completely enthralled by the beauty and detail of these immaculate pieces of nautical art.

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This Vessel Type is Fishing boat
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