Van Dijck Fishing trawler

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1690 - PSM

Dimensions L x H x W 19 × 49 × 35 cm
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Van Dijck was constructed in 1974, at Zeebrugge in Belgium and made its presence felt as a capable scallop dredger. The ship is recognised as one of the four largest fishing dredgers across Europe. The fishing vessel is 29 meter large and is steel-hulled with a raised forecastle. The Van Dijck is a proven performer. The steel-hulled vessel uses a very functional design, complete with a raised forecastle and an open working deck. There is room for the crew in the form of an accommodation block. The wheelhouse of Van Dijck stretches behind the stern.

There is an exposed deck that operates along the forefront. Each spot of the main deck has been grounded using sheaths of wood. The Van Dijck is recognizable with its “H” shaped framework. This is visible along the front end of the forecastle. The H-shaped gantry is held together using a port and two derricks. The famous trawler comes with a well-walled pulley house which is located towards anterior end of the living space block/wheelhouse – extending up to the main deck level.

Van Dijck comes packed with shipping equipment – necessary in a fishing trawler. This includes all the standard stuff like poles, bridles, chains, and dredges. Fishing gear is kept on the deck, atop the durable deck protection plates made of steel. Van Dijck uses scuppers. These are fixed to the bulwark. The trawler offers easy movement with clear deck access behind the forefront of the main deck.

Details of the model ship:

  • Use of premium hardwoods and durable materials like fibre glass underline the quality of work
  • Sanding, undercoating, painting and finishing to ensure the finalized ship model looks like a real-life, smaller counterpart of the real ship
  • Handcrafted by a team of artisans with impressive nautical knowledge, the models are surprisingly accurate. Expect fine detailing at part with the ship models seen at famous museums
  • Hulls are accurately hand-painted, ensuring colour scheme of the original ship is retained
  • Each window or porthole is proportioned and positioned as per the images/data researched by our team
  • Van Dijck ship model can be a part of your collection or gifted to someone. Perfect for occupying a place in your living room or the side table in an office cabin

We are expanding our collection of model ships, ensuring we cover the entire landscape of classic & contemporary boats, historic shipping vessels, super-yachts and commercial carriers. The handmade, artisan-like approach ensures you get boutique models rather than mimics created in assembly-line production environments. Our model-makers use difficult-to-procure design plans, real-life photographs, and drawings that contribute towards creating an exact replica. You can always ask for more customization options.

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