Madeira Model Yacht Standard Range – Authentic Models (AS141F)

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1051 - AM

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Dimensions L x H x W 10 × 43 × 13 cm
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About the Vessel

Madeira yacht is a popular sailing boat that can make you recall a sunny day on a Portuguese beach.

At Premier Ship Models, we are experts in building historical ships, legendary boats, cargo vessels, fishing boats and other custom models of boats and ships like the Halcyon Rowing Boat – a contemporary boat in this niche. Our artisans make sure that you get a uniquely created, exact replica of the original boat.

Our building process includes plan preparation, formulation of the framework, planking, adding fibreglass and body filler, assembling deck structure, painting, finishing, quality control and packing. As the procedure of building the model ship starts, there are many things that are considered by our team, which includes the diagram of hull lines & longitudinal section of the boat.

The structure of the model boat is created by cutting the premium quality woods. Then it is given a proper shape, which is perfectly replicated to the picture of the original ship. Further, wood sections and frames are assembled. Long and flat pieces of wood are fixed to the structure of the model to form the hull of the boat. When the construction of hull is finished, the wood is sanded and if necessary, fibreglass is also added so that the wood delivers a shiny look.

The body filler is then added if there is any imperfection on the hull. Further, the deck is assembled by precisely creating the windows, doors, hatches, winches, and cleats. We take special care in ensuring that the finishing and colour of the ship model exactly match with the original boat.

Details of the model ship:

  • Our experts in nautical decor ensure that you get a model ship that perfectly matches to the design of the original ship
    • We deliver hand-painted models of ships that have a place in nautical history
    • Every imitation ship model is preceded by extensive research, including procuring hard-to-find drawings and diagrams that help us nail the design of the ship
    • From hotel lobbies to recreation areas in resorts, from educational institutions to interior designing projects, the demand for our handcrafted ship models is everywhere
    • The model is used for creating a unique decor in living room or you can gift it to someone who is a boat enthusiast or loves to collect ship models

Browse our range of customized ship models, including modern and classical ships – from medium-sized models to bigger creations, each an expertly executed replica. From modern ships to luxury yachts and vessels powered by the latest maritime technologies, we cover the entire landscape of model ships and boats.

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This Vessel Type is Classic sailing boat
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