• Twin Counter Rotating Propellers and Drive
  • Customizeable Bumper Tire Placement
  • Frequency Crystal Change Option
  • Southhampton Electric RC Tugboat
  • Single Channel Controller
  • Display Stand.8AA Batteries 

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$ 233.00

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Handcrafted, scratch built and ready-made scale boat model of the Southampton Tug Boat

The 1/36 scale Southampton Tug RC boat model here at Model Ships is one of the many radio controlled boats we have on offer.

Playing a vital role in assisting Mega Ocean cruisers to park near the shore, these boats are recognized for their hard work. The rubber tyres around the tug boat act as very good cushioning and will be useful in pushing other radio controlled model boats back to shore. 

This is a magnificent re-creation and sails like the real thing. With impressive attention to detail this RC model boat includes a cabin area, ladder, steering wheel and a cotton rope to tie up the boat on shore. Underneath, the boat contains a twin propeller for those high pressure pulls.   

This RC Model is perfect for anyone considering taking up a new RC hobby or looking for new radio controlled boats to add to a collection. With a control range of up to 400 feet, the tug boat delivers an enjoyable experience and a perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon.

This model boat is representative of the quality and expertise here at Model Ships. Using the highest quality of materials, this and many of our other RC models will provide you and your friends with hours of fun.

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