Aquacraft VS1 Comp. Wood Tunnel Hull ARR

Aquacraft VS1 Comp. Wood Tunnel Hull ARR Maximize

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Aquacraft RC manufactures a wide range of high-quality remote control boats for beginners as well as experienced boaters. In 1999, Mike Grimracer Zaborowski developed the prototype for the VS1. At the “IMPBA Internats” 2000, the design of this model made it possible to have his first victory in the championship. Rather than rushing into the design of the model, Mike took the necessary time to create the high-quality Aquacraft VS1 radio controlled boat. The hull length, beam and weight of this radio controlled boat are 710 mm, 280 mm and 4 lbs. respectively. The boat requires a 2-channel radio with 1 mini and 1 high-torque standard servo, outboard engine, and prop. OS Max 21XM IC engine is required for this RC model boat.

Aquacraft creates a vast range of premium radio-controlled ships. The range includes boats, air-boats, yachts, sailboats, tugboats, and catamarans. Also, Aquacraft models provide a wide range of different radio-controlled boats including Nitro, electric sail boats and kits right to RTR. The radio controlled models of Aquacraft comprises exclusively designed fast speedboats such as the Nitro Hammer, Top Speed 3 or Mini Thunder round Nose. For a more relaxing occasion, Aquacraft also offers an elegant Paradise R/C yacht model.

Details of the RC model ship:

  • Exceptional ARR quality
  • The sponsons – a projection on the side of a boat – are built-up of premium wood
  • Lightweight wood-over-foam construction
  • Clear coat finish
  • Radio box output guide
  • Antenna mount assembly
  • Remote switch assembly
  • Custom pull wheel
  • Water-resistant radio box
  • Each ship model is given individual attention


At Premier Ship Models, we take special care in ensuring that the finishing and colour of the ship model really match to the original boat. We systematically undercoat, paint and then give a final finish to the model. Each of these processes is executed in sync with the customer’s customisation requirements or matched perfectly with the ship’s original layout. We do extensive research to ensure our clients that every detail of the original boat is captured with a great precision. Our scale models are built from premium woods and modern materials like fibreglass. Emphasis remains on durable models that need negligible maintenance.