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  • R/C compatible: No
  • Difficulty Level: Expert
  • Hull Type: Plank on frame
  • Box Contents: High precision laser cut plywood parts.Birch wood and veneer.Multiple wood, metal and brass parts.Parts in high quality photoetched brass.Sails are handsewn and prepared to be placed.Cotton threads. Highly detailed step-by-step assembly guide with many pictures.Real scale plane of the ship.

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Wooden ship kit of La Pinta

La Pinta wooden ship model kit represents our range of quality kits from Artesania Latina, one of the largest and most respected model kit manufacturers. The kit is designed to be easy-to-build and clear instructions provided will help you to build your perfect wooden ship model replica kit. This ship model kit is suitable for medium skilled builders.

For the ones who do not want or are not able to build their own kit but like the model, Premier Ship Models offers a great service of assembling the kit for our clients and deliver it as a readymade model. This and other kits are detailed replicas containing design features of the original vessel and all parts are laser cut to ensure that the parts will fit perfectly.

La Pinta’s famous history dates back to 15th century. She gained her fame by participating in the Christopher Columbus’ transatlantic voyage in 1492 to discover new lands. The New World was first spotted on La Pinta by Rodrigo de Triana on 12th October. The owner of the ship was Cristobal Quintero from Palos who allowed Captain Martin Alonso Pinzon to take over the ship to take care of her.

Pinta was a smaller ship than the Columbus’ flagship Santa Maria, but was the fastest of his fleet. She was square rigged, weighting about 60 tons and had estimated deck length of 17 meters and width of more than 5 meters. The Captain Martin Alonso Pinzon commanded to a crew of 26 men. The newest replica of La Pinta was built in 2005 by the Columbus Foundation and is residing in Spain.

This model kit is a perfect choice for you if you want to build your own replica of this famous ship. Please feel free to contact Premier Ship Models with any questions you may have or browse another quality ship models on the Premier Ship Models website.

A 22412 

By Jeremy F. on 12/12/2014
Title: La Pinta building review
Text: This is a model that can be built at a number of standards depending on the skill and time you are prepared to put in.
The instructions are good. There are some errors that the inexperienced modeller may get trapped on such as the mast angle should be built to the plan not the angle indicated in the photo.
The plans ask for the outer planking to be laid down in strips. The correct way is to taper the planks so they run from bow to stern and are identical both sides of the hull. This model does not suggest or request this. The experienced modeller will need to work this out themselves, but be prepared for up to 20 hours extra work.
Take your time with this model and be well rewarded - it's worth the effort and worth the price.
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