Bristol Waterline Model Ship (Premier Range)

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Handcrafted, scratch built and ready-made scale ship model of Bristol Waterline

Bristol waterline wooden model ship by Premier Ship Models is fully handcrafted with attention to the smallest detail. Bristol model ship is one of the platinum range scale models and is a perfect replica of the original ship manufactured for our client in Italy, containing all the design features of the original vessel.

This sailing ship model is one of the many representing the quality and expertise of model making of Premier Ship Models, and one of many examples of our platinum models. Made from high quality materials and precise ship modelling craftsmanship, this and other ship models are considered as work of art and of museum quality. This model of a ship is painted and handcrafted by skilled artisans according to original ship plans and drawings.

The quality of Bristol and other ship models in the platinum range is a result of extensive research and consultation regarding the original plans in order to create an incredible piece of museum quality ship model. This particular sailing ship model is a miniature of waterline ship, characteristic for their loading regulations.

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