Riva Aquarama Special Model Boat (Premier Range)

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Handcrafted, scratch built and ready-made scale ship model of Riva Aquarama Special

Riva Aquarama Special classic wooden boat model here at Premier Ship Models is one of our many readymade models we have handcrafted, with great attention to detail. This model boat is the smaller in range of Riva Aquarama Special available, with the same level of detail as the larger model boat. This is a true replica of the famous Riva Aquarama speedboat built by Carlo Riva. It derived its name from the windscreen Cinerama movie format, popular in the 1960’2 USA, which is echoed on the model boat through its wide windshield.

Consisting of the hull based on the previous Tritone model, the series was first introduced in 1962. New additional features the Riva Aquarama includes separate front seats and a central non-slip gangway to allow easier access to the water from the stern. The Riva Aquarama Special is the last variant in the series of 4. One of its unique features of the Special was its powerful performance containing two engines boasting a remarkable 350 horse power.

During 1972 to 1996 a total of 277 Riva Aquarama Specials were manufactured in the longest produced variant of the Aquarama range. A combination of elegance, design and performance were ideal for cruising around the Mediterranean Sea. With original boat plans and drawing our artisans have created this immaculate replica of the classic speed boat, incorporating all the original design features into this wooden boat model.

The boat model represents the expertise and quality here at Model Ships. Using high quality materials and workmanship we bring you this smaller, highly collectable special model of the Riva Aquarama.

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By Professor Nicholas Terry. on
Title: Riva Aquarama Platinum Model Yacht
Text: Dear Mrs Ally,

I can now confirm the safe arrival of the absolutely stunning model of a Riva Aquarama Special. It is already sitting very proudly on top of my wide case cabinet here in the office, and has attracted already extremely favourable comments from my colleagues.

My wife Marietta has yet to be made aware of the "present" but will I am sure be delighted with it when unveiled.
By Mr Tony Turner , Buyer of Blue Nose Waxed 11 (UK May 09). on
Title: Customer feedback on Model Yachts
Text: The exceptionally high level of detail shown on this model makes it a fitting tribute to this classic and iconographic Italian masterpiece of marine design.
By  (UK Client December 2005). on
Title: Riva Aquarama Special Model Boat
Text: Just to let you know as promised that the model was a great success and my father was very pleased. In the New Year I will ask him if he wishes to commission any others.Kind regards and thank you and your associates for all the effort. Regards.
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