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About Air Force RTR

Aquacraft manufactures a wide range of high-quality remote control boats for beginners and experienced boat-racers. The model boat comes assembled, with all the standard installations including the throttle. You get the R/C boat with only some parts of the engine that need to be put together. This boat requires glow starter, engine starter, fuel as well as 12 AA batteries for operation. The assembly is very easy and needs minimal guidance. The motor being mounted atop the boat does not create stability issues – finely engineered for performance, this airboat checks all the boxes for durability and performance.

The boat needs radio batteries and power tank to get the powerful engine started. The Air Force R/C boat is easy to use and an affordable option for dedicated hobbyists. This airboat is powered by a propeller just like some airplanes are – the mechanism is straightforward and efficient. The streamlined hull further improves the speeding dynamics. Use of materials like fiberglass in the hull keeps the construction lightweight yet stable at high speeds.

Aquacraft has an impressive portfolio in the niche of premium, radio-controlled boats. The range includes air-boats, yachts, sailboats, tugboats, and catamarans. Also, Aquacraft provides a wide range of different radio controlled boats including favourites like Nitro, electric sail boats and RTR kits. Radio-controlled Aquacraft models comprise of exclusively designed speedboats such as Top Speed 3 or Mini Thunder Round Nose. For a more relaxing occasion, Aquacraft also offers an elegant Paradise R/C yacht model that caters to non-racing buyers.

Details of RC boat:

  • Air Force RTR RC Boat comes with user manual carrying all necessary details
  • Use of premium-grade materials ensures durability
  • Sufficient documentation for those new to the boating scene
  • Comes with rudder assembly mounted on rear
  • Streamlined look – hydro-plane design
  • Boat model is properly packed for damage-free transit
  • Ease of assembly and operation
  • Impressive realism aura
  • Electronics box is easy to access
  • Clearly marked on and off marks
  • AM unit radio
  • Impressive throttle linkage
  • Motor pod delivered in detached form
  • We process international orders too
  • Perfectly rendered clear coat finish
  • Impressive steering dynamics
  • Reasonably good runtime
  • Length: 92 cm, Width: 34 cm, Height: 31 cm


Our expanding inventory of RC boat models caters to those who like steering nifty, remote-controlled boats. The expanding collection is being upgraded with RC sailboats, RC nitro boats, RC warships and submarines.

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