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Model ships that are made by Premier Ship Models have been carefully crafted with each model being made by hand. There are two grades of model ships on offer that are made by our very own workshop, namely, the Superior and Premier range. The Standard range has models supplied by one of our preferred partners and they have proven to be very popular. However, our best-selling range is the Superior Range.

The Superior range has the widest selection of boat models with classic, modern yacht models and historic ships models. Some of the most popular ships in our Superior range include Cutty Sark, HMS Surprise, HMS Victory, Batavia, RMS Titanic, San Felipe, USS Constitution, Sovereign of the Seas, Endeavour and many other modern, classic, and historic vessels.

Our model ships coming out of our work shop have been created by hand, each individually given the time and attention to ensure that it is produced to the highest standard. Our model makers come from an artisan background but have over the years incorporated modern methods in their work so that the end product is accurate and within scale, but essentially unique and hand made.

Our craftsmen use the best quality materials to bring these vessels to life in miniature. Each handcrafted model ship in our collection is designed with plank on frame construction using teak or sapele wood and high quality hardware, hand stitched sails, and other quality materials.

The attention to detail given to each yacht model from Premier Ship Models is second to none. Original ship plans and drawings are used to recreate historic and classic ships for collectors. Premier Ship Models’ Superior range of models can be found in private collections offices, showrooms, hotels, yachts around the world. The quality can be seen by the extensive worldwide customer references for model ships within this Superior range.

The model ships will only qualify for “Superior” status if they meet certain criteria. These criteria are generally based on level of detail on the model ships; quality of the wood used, accuracy of all deck materials and fitting (as per ship plans or altered for client specifications). You can appreciate the workmanship and overall finish on each of our handcrafted model ship as photographed on our website. Different shots are taken of the ship models at different angles to allow you to see the outstanding quality of our designs and detailed craftsmanship. The estimated time it takes to make a ship model that is not currently in stock is approximately 8 to 10 weeks due to work being so labor intensive.

Why not start your very own collection today! Browse through our website to see our boat models and treat yourself to a handcrafted model ship.

Premier Ship Models offers the best prices for outstanding quality ship models. Our easy to use website has an easy currency box to display the prices in UK Pounds, Euros, or US dollars. We offer easy online ordering, or you may prefer to contact us by telephone, email to discuss any aspect of our service or products.